Using religious differences to rationalize Israel’s occupation, apartheid, and colonization.
Stand Against Faithwashing

What is Faithwashing?

Faithwashing is a strategy to use religious differences to rationalize Israel’s occupation, apartheid, and colonization and relies on interfaith efforts to hamper campaigns in support of Palestinian rights.

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Who We Are

Jewish Voice for Peace, American Muslims for Palestine, Friends of Sabeel—North America, and the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights offer this website as a resource to deepen honest interfaith collaboration.

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Interfaith & Islamophobia

Interfaith dialogue can be an important component to organizing for justice, but sometimes can contribute otherwise, particularly around the issue of Islamophobia.

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Examples of Faithwashing

These examples of initiatives that attempt to compromise interfaith work rooted in justice and equality for all people are meant to help groups avoid engaging in faithwashing.

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Tools to ensure your interfaith events and projects are not contributing to the problem of faithwashing when organizing around Palestine/Israel.

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Because interfaith work is often used to shut down discussions on justice for Palestinians, we pledge to stand against faithwashing initiatives.

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